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Site Security

Security & Firewall

ScotiaComp Technologies website(s) and services are scanned and protected from malware, file changes, hacking attacks and more. Every effort is made to protect our customers data and the integrity of our services. All online traffic is scanned and filtered before it has access to our websites and services. We also use AI to monitor all script activity and any suspicious scripts are terminated immediately.

Website Hardening and SSL

Critical systems have been further protected and locked down to ensure hackers do not gain access. We utilize a strong encrypted connection to ensure all data is protected.


We backup all our website(s) and services on a daily basis to ensure that our customer and business information is safe and our website(s) and systems can be restored easily. Backup copies are stored off-site (Germany) to ensure that no data is lost in the event of a disaster.

Access Control

Access to customer information is restricted to the minimum amount possible and only those who require access are granted permission to view customer or company data. System audits ensure all changes and access can be tracked in detail.

Security Audits

Our website(s) and services are under constant review. To ensure maximum protection, we conduct regular security audits to ensure our systems are functional and secure. Updates are applied on a regular basis and any problems are reported and resolved right away.