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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection is an endpoint-based malware detection and response (MDR) solution that detects and stops malicious files and processes (known as malware or ransomware) on Windows, Mac or Linux devices. Our products use machine learning models to detect zero-day malware as well as known variants, fileless, script-based memory, and external device-based attacks. Our team is monitoring your security 24/7 and ready to respond when needed.

Malware & Ransomware

Identifies and blocks malicious

Remote Worker Attacks

Protect users not connected to the company network with protection that doesn’t rely on signature updates.

APT & Zero-Day Prevention

Threat intelligence and constant machine learning modeling keeps new variants of threats from being successful.

Malicious Scripts

Controls the way scripts execute to prevent attacks, including PowerShell.

Fileless Attacks

Eliminates the ability for attackers to use fileless malware attack techniques on protected endpoints.

Easy Recovery

Damage from ransomware can be reversed in seconds.

Cloud Protection

Cloud Protection offers next-gen security for your users and data within cloud applications, including email, messaging, file sharing and file storage. For organizations adopting SaaS applications, Cloud Protection delivers best-in-class security and a seamless user experience.


Achieve visibility, data security, advanced threat protection, and compliance for your cloud environment.

Malicious Links

All links in emails are sanitized using a sandboxed server. The user cannot access the link directly. 

VIP Impersonations

Identifies attempts to impersonate VIPs via email spoofing, typo squatting, or other malicious tactics.

Personal Device &
Home Attacks

Attacks on personal devices are mitigated by conducting analysis on the server side, completely removing the need for remote software such as dedicated email clients.

Malicious Files

Scans for malicious links, infected PDFs, and embedded code including scripts. Additional data loss prevention features scan all emails and files for specific types of information and stop leaks.

Malicious Insider

Machine learning develops behavior profiles and social graphs that identify suspicious emails that don’t match a known profile, triggering an impersonation warning.

Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring

Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring is a managed security product that monitors Microsoft 365 activity using our analytics platform, SIEM, threat intelligence, and 24/7 365 Security Operations Centers to identify threat-like behavior such as unauthorized access to cloud mailboxes, admin changes in the environment, impossible logins, and brute force attacks.

Malicious Admin Changes

Tracks admin activity and changes to the M365 tenant.

Foreign Login

Monitors geolocation access with IP location sourcing and login from suspicious or unusual countries.

Unauthorized Delegate Access

Tracks when emails delegates are added.

Impossible Login

Detects logins from different geolocations within a short period of time.

Failed or Unauthorized Access

Detects failed or suspicious login attempt.

Suspicious Email Forward

Alerts when email forwarding rules have been created outside of the domain.

Network Security Monitoring

Network Security Monitoring is a managed security product that provides network intrusion detection with a physical or virtual appliance. Suspected threats are correlated for AI-enabled analysis using our analytics platforms, SIEM, threat intelligence, and 24/7 365 Security Operations Centers. Detect potential threat activity on your network like command and control connections, denial of service attacks, data exfiltration and reconnaissance.

Cloud Infrastructure Attacks

Identifying unusual traffic from organization-owned devices, being leveraged to perform a denial of service attack.

Anomalous Privilege Escalation

Detects users changing or escalating privileges for critical systems.

Unauthorized Access

Monitoring who is accessing and connecting to devices; alerting when the source or target is unknown or suspicious.

Third-Party Violations

Correlates network traffic to discover malware communicating with external attackers, which is a sign of a compromised account.

Compromised User Credentials

Uses behavioral analysis to detect anomalous behavior by users, indicating a compromise. For example, logins at unusual hours or at unusual frequency.

Multi-Vector Attacks

Correlates data from multiple sources to get consolidated visibility of multiple attacks.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability scanning helps navigate the complexities of compliance, bolster security, and reduce risk across any IT infrastructure environment and public cloud container registries. Our vulnerability scanning capability can help you achieve PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance.

Scheduled Vulnerability Scans

Scheduled scans help identify vulnerabilities in your environment and public cloud container registries. See recommended patches available to address those vulnerabilities and track progress towards the overall environment health.

Vulnerabilities by CVSS and Criticality

Ranks vulnerabilities categorized by the CVSS methodology and criticality. Help prioritize patching with our vulnerability reporting.

Detailed Synopsis of Vulnerabilities

Get detailed summaries of each vulnerability in your environment and public cloud container registries. See descriptions, related CVEs, information on affected instances, and solution/patching details.

Container Image Scans

Detect and remediate container image vulnerabilities early in the DevOps pipeline —before moving to production. Adopting a Secure approach for DevOps allows you to further strengthen our customer’s overall security posture.

Compliance Framework Management

ScotiaComp Technologies actively reduces security and compliance burdens by providing the highest level of security for your data. Wherever you host your data in private cloud, public cloud, or on-premises; our services enable us to easily meet your security and compliance requirements.

ScotiaComp Technologies provides audit-ready and continuous compliance.

Secure Private Data

Defend sensitive ePHI, PII, credit card, and transaction data.

Automate Compliance

Discover, assess, and report on adherence to major frameworks.

Simplify Audits

Address key control requirements across major compliance frameworks.

Mitigate Risk

Reduce risk through solutions designed with compliance in mind.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

From servers to virtual machines, SIRIS is the secure data protection solution utilized when protecting our customers data. Security comes first with two-factor authentication and the immutable Datto Cloud to deliver the all-in-one solution for backup and recovery in a ransomware world.

Inverse Chain Technology

Inverse Chain Technology™ fundamentally changes the way backup and recovery is done allowing for every incremental snapshot to be a fully constructed recovery point.

Exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense

Does deleting backups either accidentally or maliciously mean you can’t recover? Think again with Cloud Deletion Defense™ that undeletes the unthinkable.

100% Recovery Confidence

What good is backup if you can’t restore? With SIRIS it starts with backups that are verified at multiple levels including patented Screenshot Verification that verifies not just boot-up ability but application accessibility. Patented ransomware scanning delivers peace-of-mind that client data is not compromised.

Deployment Flexibility

Simplicity is a guiding design principle for SIRIS. From deployment flexibility that spans a software only implementation to hardened backup appliances, we can implement the solution that fits your requirements.

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