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REAL High Speed Internet is coming soon!

With the project already underway, Starlink, the name of the future internet provider powered by SpaceX will provide GOOD high speed internet to everyone, everywhere. The first customers of this project will be Canada and northern USA. The exact timing is still in the air but its expected we will be able to enjoy this great internet in either late 2020 to mid 2021.

SpaceX has been very busy launching its satellites, 360 are already in orbit with more to come. These lightweight satellites will create a network in the sky that will surround Earth in a low orbit of around 550 KM. Average satellite internet providers operate several thousand KM’s away resulting in very high latency ranging from as low as 450ms to 1500ms or more. Latency is the time it takes for your connection and data to transmit from one location to another. The farther the satellite is, the higher the latency. With the low earth orbit of Starlink, we expect the latency to be better or equal to fibre internet.

Starlink will ensure your connection is uninterrupted by connecting multiple satellites together with lasers which will ensure that the receiver on Earth maintains a consistent experience. You will be able to self-install a device, about the size of a medium pizza box that you just point anywhere to the sky and plug in. The price has been estimated but not officially announced around $200 to $300 USD with a monthly price point of around $80.00.

We don’t yet know what the speeds available will be but they have been tested recently by the US Government at 620 Mbps and a 2016 FCC filing suggests 1 gigabit per second potentials with low 25 to 35ms latency. If this is true, internet speeds being a problem will be a thing of the past!

You can learn more about Starlink at their website: (External website)

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