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Outsourcing? People, Technology and ROI

Managed IT

IT outsourcing works.

In a world where technology is known as a priority for success, business’ often forget about critical components that make IT work. Computer systems have been thrown together and left alone, unchecked. Small business’ may not have enough capital and resources to hire a team or know-how to implement such a change. Not having the right people contributes to less focus on your business, loss of revenue, being up to date with technology and most importantly, you are at a greater risk of cyber attacks.

Investing in IT is one of the most critical pieces of your business. IT systems keep your business operational and provide the systems needed for Communications, Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, HR, etc. If you were to lose any of your systems, the damage could be significant. For example, if your business was hit by ransomware, would you be able to recover your lost data? Around 37% of companies don’t have malware protection and 71% don’t even have a patching plan. This is alarming considering the types of data that are collected by most companies.

How can you overcome the massive cost of taking on an entire IT department without even knowing where to start? How can you be sure that you are doing IT correctly? Outsourcing to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), such as ScotiaComp Technologies is the most obvious solution. The experience of an Outsourcing company is invaluable in getting your business up to speed. An MSP can provide you with the technology, people and management you need, taking your worry out of IT and allowing you to focus on your business.

ROI is of course a huge advantage to Outsourcing because you are not hiring your own staff; you don’t have to pay as much for payroll, taxes and other deductions; not to mention that your costs can be scaled to grow with your business. You need to start your search as soon as possible for your Managed Service Provider and take care of IT.

Scotiacomp Technologies can help.

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