Networking Solutions

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Enterprise Quality at a small business price; Our solutions will scale with your growth.


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Managed Networking Solutions

Managed Networking solutions allow our teams to deploy Switches, Firewalls, Routers, and Wireless Access Points anywhere in North America and manage centrally at our Network Operations Centers. As your business experiences growth or requires network changes, our teams will coordinate the required network alterations.

Optimized WiFi Coverage

Networking WiFi access points are deployable both indoor and outdoors. Based on self-optimizing technology, power-boosted coverage, and reliable performance; you will enjoy seamless WiFi roaming even in large, open areas.

Quick Deployments

Our networking equipment is managed in the cloud, enabling our teams to quickly deploy pre-configured switches, routers, access points, and firewalls in less time.

Life-Time Warranty

Networking equipment is provided on a rental basis; allowing ScotiaComp Technologies to replace damaged or old hardware at no additional cost. (Excluding firewalls)

Always Connected Internet

Your Business can rely on an always up and running Internet connection thanks to a fully integrated 4G LTE failover. 

Server Solutions

ScotiaComp Technologies manages and monitors servers 24/7/365. Servers will receive regular maintenance including patches, updates, configuration changes, and more. Protected by our Security Operations Centers and Network Operations Centers, our teams will scan for threats and vulnerabilities; keeping your business safe.


Servers will receive a special review of patches before they are released. Our Network Operations Center will verify, approve, and deploy patches as they become available.


Our team will configure service changes and install new software as needed while supporting your DNS, Active Directory, and other critical services.


Our team will provision changes to file shares, maintain storage volumes, and ensure users have access to the data they need.


ScotiaComp Technologies will monitor your servers health and plan for upgrades or replacements accordingly. 

Structured Cabling + Design Solutions

From new builds to existing infrastructure, our teams can get you connected. Our network deployment teams will ensure that your network meets your required specifications with optimal throughput and performance.

High Availability

Networks are designed for high availability wherever possible to ensure minimal downtime. Redundancy is built into all our networks to reduce impacts to performance and devices.

Best Performance

Designing networks should account for future growth. Our teams will design a scalable network that our customers will not outgrow with optimal performance.

Secure Racks and Ports

Networks are built with physical security measures including: locked networking/server racks, network isolation, disabling unused ports, and more.


Our networking will be designed to connect all your sites together either through a WAN configured by the ISP or a site-to-site VPN connecting your Routers together.

Cloud Solutions

ScotiaComp Technologies Network Operations Centers and Security Operations Centers will ensure your cloud environment is running smoothly and kept secure.

Deploy The Right Solutions

Our team will help you configure and deploy the right solution in Azure and manage your environment.


As part of our security solutions, your entire Azure environment is monitored for the compliance you need and we will work with your business to remediate problems.

Access and Support

Keeping your team connected is important. ScotiaComp Technologies will support users and devices to ensure connectivity is never an issue with your cloud environment.

Data Governance

ScotiaComp Technologies can support your Data Governance requirements and maintain a holistic, up to date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end to end data lineage.

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