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Endpoint Management and Support

ScotiaComp Technologies will monitor all systems for trouble while providing preventative maintenance and support 24/7/365. Our teams will leverage automation to deploy repairs, onboarding, system configurations, and more. This solution minimizes downtime while improving productivity.

Ticketing System

Managed devices can generate a ticket and our customers can access tickets in our online portal. This allows for transparency and accountability to our customers.

Ransomware Protection

In addition to other layers of protection, our monitoring solutions detect ransomware on any system and instantly isolates from the network. The ransomware process is terminated, and an incident ticket is created.


Our monitoring solution will scan a variety of system events and hardware information to help troubleshoot and detect errors. Automation is generally used to remediate incidents to minimize or prevent downtime while our team investigates and fixes the root cause.

Change Management

Our team follows a careful change management process, which can involve our customers key people when planning and deploying any major changes. We also utilize project management to ensure everything is done correctly, on budget, and on time.

System Patches And Hardening

All hardware and software require updates. ScotiaComp Technologies identifies the software and routinely checks for updates. Our teams utilize automation for several common applications and operating systems to ensure systems are compliant.

OS Updates

ScotiaComp Technologies will create a custom solution to review updates before they’re installed or update automatically depending on your requirements. Policies can be applied to devices on an individual level.

Best Practices

We stay up to date with industry best practices and monitor your systems when they require adjustments to align with these practices.

Vulnerability Remediation

When Vulnerabilities are detected, an incident ticket is generated to remediate each impacted device appropriately.

Audit Logs

System logs are collected when hardware, operating system, and software are changed. Additional logs can be recorded from critical devices to be used by our threat hunting teams; helping us identify risks and investigate incidents.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Businesses often face challenges allocating resources into their IT teams including hiring an executive to oversee IT operations among other roles. ScotiaComp Technologies provides an expert to help guide our customers with technology decisions regarding procurement, investments, strategic decisions, managing risks, and much more.

Working With Leadership

Our vCIO will conduct regular meetings with your business to provide valuble information on IT performance, challenges, and other requirements.

Creating a Plan

Our vCIO and their team will create the plans you need to make informed decisions. We will also help your team understand the technical details of the plan and their expectations. Our plans always favor our customers best interests financially and technologically while maintaining an appropriate balance.

What’s Next?

Our team is always looking into new technology and how it can overcome challenges for our customers. We can help to identify the right solutions and work to upgrade your systems as needed.

The Right People

We have all the connections your business will ever need for IT. We can help your leadership connect to the right people and help push your business forward.

IT Governance

IT Governance has many moving parts that combine systems together. Our teams will configure your technology to reflect best practices and ensure IT Governance is being managed to your expectations.


Our team will help you collect and analyze data to audit performance, health, and availability of your resources.


Resources should be configured correctly with ongoing maintenance. Automation is used to achieve these requirements.


Our IT Governance solutions will maintain control over your applications, data, and other resources in the Azure Cloud and on premises.


Our Security Operations Centers will monitor your resources for malicious activities and configuration errors that require remediation or reconfiguration.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery of your Azure and on premises environments is critical to ensuring availability of resources.


Many businesses find it advantageous to migrate their data to the Azure cloud. Our team will work to assess migration suitability and plan to complete the project.

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