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Worry Free
Monitoring and Security

As an IT Managed Service Provider, we have special software that can monitor your device for problems such as high CPU, RAM, Disk Space, Disk Health, Security, Active Ransomware (Windows Only), and more. Our management service will ensure your computer is always up-to-date and our security software (Webroot) will keep you safe online. 

Our goal is to ensure you can use your computer with confidence while enjoying a truly worry-free experience.

What we do

Remote Monitoring and Management

We use software to track CPU, RAM, Temperature, Security and other critical parts of your computer. If problems occur, an alert will be generated so the problem can be reviewed by our team. If intervention is required, you will be contacted to make arrangements for additional investigation. 

Support Made Easy

With a few clicks, you can request support for your PC and provide critical information to our support team automatically. Our software allows for remote connection of your computer for requested support or investigations. When prompted, you click “Allow” and we will do the rest.


Webroot security will be installed and monitored. Our worry free experience means that if a threat is found, you will not be required to do anything. Our systems will automatically clean the threat and generate a ticket right away so our support team can review your machine details to ensure resolution. 

Automated Maintenance

Maintenance tasks are completed on a regular basis to help your computer perform as expected. Your operating system will be scanned for problems at this time and repair automatically if any are found (Windows Only). Regular maintenance will help your computer last longer and save you money on repairs.

Privacy Feature
Our software utilizes special privacy features that allow for the collection of certain technical data such as hardware status (RAM, Disk, CPU, Etc.), Installed Software, Computer information (Model #, etc.), User logged in, network details (IP, Etc.), Security status, and more. Certain commands to make changes such as windows updates, scripts and other maintenance tasks can also be used to provide services without interruption to the user.

To prevent access to your personal data such as files, desktop control and other critical features, your permission is required. The system will not allow access without obtaining your consent first.

What about price?

Your first computer is only $8.00 per month + tax with each additional computer in your house costing only $6.75 per month + tax.  

Max 7 computers

No termination fees

Referral Program
Receive a $5.00 credit towards your account for each successful referral to Managed Home + Security.
*Must have an active Managed Home + Security subscription*

Additional Computers


per month per computer CAD

    What’s included?

    All software required to provide the service including security software from Webroot and our RMM software + any related software will be installed and covered by the price above for the duration of your plan.

    No hidden fees!

    Additional services for hardware and software repair/changes will be billed outside of this plan if needed. NET 30 payment terms may not apply to all out-of-scope billing. Only services that you agree to or request will be billed.

    Ready To Start?


    Qualified Computers

    Windows 10 64-bit OR latest macOS
    4GB RAM 
    50GB Free Space 
    Download speeds of at least 5 Mb/s
    Upload speeds of at least 1 Mb/s
    Must be owner of device(s) with admin access
    Must have an email address

    Note: We can help verify these details


    Service Area

    Primary address must be in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Alberta. 


    Method Of Payment

    Automatic Payment is required to maintain an active plan and amounts will be charged to your method of payment on the due date – NET 30