Giving Back

We love to give!

ScotiaComp Technologies believes that giving money and spreading love and kindness to people who need it is the only way to make a real difference. We have made a plan to give 20% of our net profits each month to 3 different groups shown below. Doing business with us really does help in more ways than you think! We are a for-profit organization but are not looking to make more than we actually need. We will keep enough money to build careers, improve our services and reach more consumers. We will compensate all staff including management reasonably and give when we can to those who need it and that have the best intentions.


We will give to hospitals that need the most. Providing the public with healthcare is very important to us.


We will give money to students that have the greatest need and the greatest cause. People who want to help.


We will give to charities that make the biggest impact on improving peoples lives and feeding the poor.

This page will be updated every 6 months (January 15 and July 15) to show our progress and updates.

This NEW program started August 1, 2019.

Where our money goes

Here are some of the names we give to. We will also give to individual people and at events if people need help.