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COVID-19 Update

8:00AM March 16, 2020

ScotiaComp Technologies will be limiting its IT Services to remote diagnostics only for the duration of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) or until public health officials say otherwise. We will be unable to provide any in-person support for home or business during this pandemic, but we are confident in our ability to action almost all service requests.

How can you keep your computers operational?

Leveraging the cloud and performing regular maintenance and security tasks will ensure your systems have minimal or no down-time. The cloud will also allow your people to work from home through events like this.

How about security?

During these types of events, you will hear lots of fake news and there will be a spike in the spread of malware and other attacks. It’s easy to get confused about what’s safe or not and computer/network infections can spread like wildfire as a result. With our Advanced Threat Protection powered by Microsoft, we can help your business protect its systems and data. We also have other disaster recovery services available.

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11:30PM March 18, 2020

Due to supply issues with borders being closed and manufacturers not operating at optimal performance or at all, we have stopped our shipping and receiving services (Procurement/Computer Purchase) to avoid any complications. With recent developments, we also see possible constraints or disruptions in domestic deliveries that could impact our business and customers in the near future. We will keep everyone updated as the situation progresses. We may revisit these services and open them again if we see improvements.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

6:15PM March 23, 2020

ScotiaComp Technologies continues to monitor the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) developments with a primary focus on ensuring the health and safety of our colleagues, partners, customers and all who support our business. After careful review, we have decided to open our procurement (computer/server purchases) to business’ that require our services. This will help with any work-from-home requirements and possible changes in commercial sectors where assistance may be required to the Government in production companies and other situations. 

We will do whatever we can to help Canadians and business’ through these tough times and wish everyone the best of health! 

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