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Cloud Technologies

Enjoy low Upfront Costs

Stop paying the high costs of hardware and software purchases and enjoy enhanced productivity offered by cloud technologies. Your data is stored in secure state-of-the-art data centers, allowing you to access it from anywhere on any device, and you’ll also benefit from an several cloud-hosted services that will take your productivity and ROI to the next level.

Cloud Technologies allows you to take advantage of a powerful enterprise class networking infrastructure. Formerly this type of computing power was financially beyond the reach of small and medium sized companies. But today, cloud technologies gives you more advantages over traditional on-site servers.

Benefits of Cloud Technologies

Moving your team into the cloud has several advantages, including:

  • Flexible and scalable solution that adapt to your business’ needs
  • Reduced costs based on lower fees
  • Secure data centers allow you to access information whenever you need it and easily store it offsite
  • Seamlessly roll out security updates, reducing your time and effort spent on regular maintenance
  • Better protection of data from Ransomware
  • Achieve regulatory data protection and access requirements
  • Assists with disaster recovery in the case of a catastrophic event onsite

Not only can you see the ROI quickly, but your team collaboration can improve when data is easily shareable through a cloud solution.

Server And Network Upgrades

It can be tempting to put off replacing aging hardware because of the expensive outlay of capital. In traditional technologies, server and computer equipment upgrades can take a massive chunk out of cash flow. But with cloud alternative, not only will you get far superior equipment; you can do it without the capital outlay. So now you don’t need to put off server upgrades. Cloud computing can help you stay up to date quicker and without major delays that come with traditional server upgrades. Since everything is hosted in the cloud, transitioning to an upgraded network takes less time.

Access While Mobile

Cloud technologies can allow users to access data from home or on the road giving your staff greater mobility and productivity. During natural disasters or even power outages, this mobility can keep your company functioning. With the constant outages seen in Nova Scotia, not having access to your data or the risk of data corruption and total loss can be devastating to business.

Because you will be accessing data over the Internet, fast and redundant Internet connections streamline cloud technologies. In most urban areas of Nova Scotia, fast Internet access is usually readily available. In the event you do not have a fast connection, however, cloud computing can help you access what you need faster.

Technologies That Grow With You

With traditional on-site servers, you must know what your requirements will be for the next three to five years. If you over estimate your growth, you end up spending too much, but if you under estimate, you end up with inadequate resources.

Scalability is one of the great advantages of cloud technologies. As your staff grows or shrinks, you can add or decrease your usage. Reduce the need to clutter up your business with equipment you don’t need or rush to buying equipment you might not have on hand when you need to increase your staffing needs. Cloud technologies is there for you when you need it most and can be changed in minutes.

Server Room Perfection

Unsurprisingly we have found that electricity is not a constant in many Nova Scotia office buildings or business complexes. Server reboots and outages from power fluctuations and surges are common. Additionally, keeping server equipment at the ideal temperature can be challenging in office environments. These challenges disappear with cloud technologies because your data will be located in highly secure first class data centers.

Performance Improvement

Cloud technologies services will give you higher availability and redundancy than you have ever experienced with traditional on-site network infrastructure. You won’t need to spend additional money on IT support because all the IT services you need can be provided with your cloud technologies.

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