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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0066-20: POS Malware Targeting Restaurants

Advisory Overview Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a modular backdoor known as ModPipe targeting point-of-sale (POS) systems in the hospitality sector. This malware can potentially allow unauthorized retrieval of payment information. SKOUT recommends maintaining updates and patches for all POS systems to ensure security features are applied. Technical detail and additional information What is the threat?…
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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0065-20: Apple MacOS Big Sur Vulnerabilities

Advisory Overview Apple has deprecated its support for its Network Kernel Extensions (NKE) which are the services that supported local firewalls on previous Mac systems. This change has allowed macOS Big Sur and roughly 50 other applications in Apple’s app suite to bypass security controls such as firewalls and VPNs and route their traffic straight…
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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0064-20: Second Patch Released for VMWare Vulnerability (CVE-2020-3992)

Advisory Overview A previously discovered remote code execution vulnerability for VMware ESXi has received a second patch from VMware, which should now correctly stop exploitation of the OpenSLP service issue. If an attacker were to attempt to exploit an unpatched machine, they could potentially compromise not only that host, but any VMware instances that are…
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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0061-20: Cyber Threats Affecting The United States Presidential Election

Advisory Overview With the United States Presidential Election coming up, cyber-criminal and hacktivist activity has grown. Recent phishing and disinformation campaigns may pose a threat to the election’s validity on a large scale, as well as voter personal identifiable information (PII) remaining secure. Technical detail and additional information What is the threat? With only a…
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Helping shops open sooner

With many business’ still closed due to health related restrictions; moving your product is difficult, but you have options! Being a Canadian business owner means you have innovation on your side and going online is a great start!

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REAL High Speed Internet is coming soon!

With the project already underway, Starlink, the name of the future internet provider powered by SpaceX will provide GOOD high speed internet to everyone, everywhere. The first customers of this project will be Canada and northern USA. The exact timing is still in the air but its expected we will be able to enjoy this great internet in either late 2020 to mid 2021.

Cyber Security Safety

With Malware on the rise, your system and data are at risk! Get the tips and resources to keep you and your family safe! It takes seconds to lose everything and only a minute to read this post!