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ScotiaComp Technologies is the (MSP) and (MSSP) of choice for businesses that are looking for their IT to become fully managed and protected by industry experts. Utilizing our Security Operations Centers, Network Operations Centers, Support Teams and through our international resources; ScotiaComp Technologies can provide best in class service to its customers at a price far less than hiring and managing your own IT department.

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Security Solutions

Our security operations and incident response services connect the dots when it comes to cybersecurity. Providing full protection for endpoints, email, cloud, and more; our Security Operations Centers will monitor all traffic 24/7/365 to ensure your systems remain secure.

Endpoint Protection
Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring
Network Security Monitoring
Compliance Framework Management


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Networking Solutions

NOC services are responsible for responding to and supporting the critical devices that allow your business to function. ScotiaComp Technologies works proactively to ensure the reliability of servers and network appliances that your infrastructure requires.

Managed Networking Solutions
Server Solutions
Structured Cabling + Design Solutions
Cloud Solutions


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IT Management Solutions

By choosing ScotiaComp Technologies to manage and support your IT systems, we become your IT department. Our skilled teams will support your users and their devices while performing regular maintenance to ensure reliability. Typically, this means laptops, desktops, workstations, smartphones, and tablets.

Endpoint Management and Support
System Patches And Hardening
Virtual Chief Information Officer
IT Governance


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Managed Business Phone Services

Managed Service Provider solutions do not stop at your network. Your phone system is critical to maintaining your communications with customers, partners and vendors. ScotiaComp Technologies will ensure that you get the right phone plan with a worry free setup. Ongoing management will maintain your users, extensions, queues, phone numbers, hardware orders and more.

IT Roadmaps and Procurement

IT Roadmap services provide valuable reports that can help plan for future IT investments while preventing system failures. When we provide support to your devices; information is collected to help make decisions on asset health. By constantly updating infrastructure health, we can provide a roadmap that gives value to your investments.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness services provide your staff with powerful knowledge to help with making the right decisions. Being able to identify risks both externally and internally is critical to maintaining your security posture. 

Site Visits

Site Visit services allow quick response to incidents and provide hardware-based maintenance, repairs, installs, and more. Our resources reach internationally so we can support your business no matter the location.

Other custom cloud solutions available as needed to help our customers achieve success

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