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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0064-20: Second Patch Released for VMWare Vulnerability (CVE-2020-3992)

Advisory Overview A previously discovered remote code execution vulnerability for VMware ESXi has received a second patch from VMware, which should now correctly stop exploitation of the OpenSLP service issue. If an attacker were to attempt to exploit an unpatched machine, they could potentially compromise not only that host, but any VMware instances that are…
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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0063-20: Ryuk Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

ADVISORY OVERVIEW The SKOUT Security Operation Center is closely following the increase of ransomware activity targeting the healthcare sector. Threat actors are infecting critical healthcare providers/facilities networks with the ransomware variant, Ryuk. A successful attack could disable critical healthcare infrastructure as well as expose sensitive data including patient health records. SKOUT has observed this ransomware…
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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0062-20: Cisco Webex Teams for Windows DLL Hijacking

Advisory Overview A vulnerability has been discovered which affects the Cisco Webex Teams client for Windows which can allow an authenticated, local attacker to execute arbitrary code at potentially increased privilege through DLL hijacking. This can allow an attacker to execute the potentially malicious code contained in their specially crafted DLL at increased privileges, which…
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Cybersecurity Threat Advisory 0061-20: Cyber Threats Affecting The United States Presidential Election

Advisory Overview With the United States Presidential Election coming up, cyber-criminal and hacktivist activity has grown. Recent phishing and disinformation campaigns may pose a threat to the election’s validity on a large scale, as well as voter personal identifiable information (PII) remaining secure. Technical detail and additional information What is the threat? With only a…
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REAL High Speed Internet is coming soon!

With the project already underway, Starlink, the name of the future internet provider powered by SpaceX will provide GOOD high speed internet to everyone, everywhere. The first customers of this project will be Canada and northern USA. The exact timing is still in the air but its expected we will be able to enjoy this great internet in either late 2020 to mid 2021.

Cyber Security Safety

With Malware on the rise, your system and data are at risk! Get the tips and resources to keep you and your family safe! It takes seconds to lose everything and only a minute to read this post!

Cloud Technologies

Stop paying the high costs of hardware and software purchases and enjoy enhanced productivity offered by cloud technologies. Your data is stored in secure state-of-the-art data centers, allowing you to access …

IT Consulting – Getting help with your IT projects.

As technology evolves, so must our business’. We know that its important to stay up-to-date as this keeps our systems secure, functional and keeps us ahead of our competitors. There are many useful technologies …

Outsourcing? People, Technology and ROI

In a world where technology is known as a priority for success, business’ often forget about critical components that make IT work. Computer systems have been thrown together and left alone, unchecked.