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Meet your new IT department. Our team will assist your business with compliance and IT Governance, establish best practices, optimize cybersecurity, support your staff 24/7, manage your infrastructure, and much more.

Security Solutions

Our security operations and incident response services connect the dots when it comes to cybersecurity. Providing full protection for endpoints, email, cloud, and more; our Security Operations Centers will monitor all traffic 24/7/365.

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Networking Solutions

NOC services are responsible for monitoring and supporting critical devices that allow your business to function. ScotiaComp Technologies works proactively to ensure the reliability of servers and network appliances.

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IT Management Solutions

By choosing ScotiaComp Technologies to manage and support your IT systems, we become your IT department. Our skilled teams will support your users and their devices while performing regular maintenance to ensure reliability. 

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People – Process – Technology
A framework for success

ScotiaComp Technologies utilizes the PPT framework to ensure that any changes made to your business will be carefully planned and executed. This means when you hire a new employee, they will have a computer available to use on day 1 with access to critical data, applications, and training. Any changes made will be balanced and follow your business’ requirements.

As part of our IT Governance program, our teams will document critical tasks required for your technology changes and constantly review new requests to verify compliance. As your company grows, we will suggest new efficiencies and provide more visibility into your change management process. Most importantly, you will gain control over your business and improve operational excellency. 

Who we serve


Education is under pressure to evolve faster than ever before. Digital transformation initiatives are being pushed through near-impossible time frames out of necessity. As a response, education providers are planning for a future that incorporates IoT-driven smart classrooms, distance learning and more.


Professional service providers including finance, legal, and other related industries are mandated to ensure governance, risk, and compliance are in check. With recent cybersecurity trends, governments and insurance providers are now enforcing strict compliance requirements to protect data and systems.


It’s more crucial than ever to guarantee that all our healthcare workers—from the back office to the front lines—have the technology and equipment they need to deliver world-class treatment, maximize outcomes, and keep themselves and their patients safe.

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